Sunday, 22 January 2017

Our New Zealand Move - Week 1 Update

Well here we are in New Zealand starting our new lives and I have found time to do a quick update.

The trip over was all going well with a baby who slept for a lot of it and had no trouble with his ears from what we could tell until trying to land at Wellington airport.  Winds of 145 km per hour saw our first landing aborted and on our second attempt which was bumpier than the first Kingsley woke up and promptly vomited all over his father.  Thankfully it had been a little while since he had fed and it was not too dramatic.  But the second attempt at landing was also aborted and our plane was diverted to Christchurch.  On arrival in Christchurch we were advised that we could not be cleared by customs and quarantine and therefore had to spend the next 2.5 hours in the plane.  Thankfully it was a half full flight so it was not too claustrophobic and our ticket had included a meal just after take off from Brisbane.  We had also packed snacks and I had some bottles of expressed breast milk so none of us were left hungry.
After a few hours on the plane we took off again and this time landed in Wellington with not too many bumps along the way about 3 hours later than expected.  Thankfully our dog Jessie was not on our flight and was due to land a bit later so her flight was only slightly later than predicted.
By the time we passed through the airport, collected all of our bags, waited for Dad to pick us up, had dinner, picked up Jessie and did the 2.5 hr drive to Mum and Dads it was after midnight.  It was a long and exhausting day but it was done.

Since arriving we have been quite busy looking for a house to rent, Hubby has been looking for a job and has interviews lined up, we have been up to the farm and inspected our shed in person and are very happy with the result.  All the trees that we have planted over the years are growing well and bushing out nicely and our paddock grass was waiting for the hay makers to come and cut it which has now been done.  The weather has been quite changeable with showers, wind, sunny days and mild temperatures which is nice after the hot weather we left and what we have been told we left behind.

Jessie is really enjoying having lots of space to run around on again as mum and dad have 5 acres and we have been taking her up to our farm when ever we go.

Jessie sitting at the front of the open bay of our shed

Here are some obligatory baby photos of our little man.  He is a real talker and loves to talk and roll over.

He has been enjoying cuddles with Nanna and Poppa.

Having a laugh with Nanna

Watching TV with Poppa
We also took him to visit his Great Grandmother (my dads mum) who turns 90 this year.
We will be going to see his other Great Grandparents on the 30th and lots of other relatives that week too.

Since arriving at Mum and Dads we have been spending time out in the veggie garden picking strawberries by the kilo every few days and beans by the bucketful.  There has also been cucumbers, gherkins, plums, apricots, snow and sugar snap peas and beetroot to harvest and enjoy.  Rather than start a veggie garden of our own in pots at our rental or up at the farm straight away we are just sharing what Mum and Dad have grown (which is plenty for all of us) and we are planting out enough winter veggies for all of us.
Mum and I have also been preserving the harvest.  Beans have been blanched and frozen, chutney and pickles are being made, fruit stewed and bottled and I have got some gherkins fermenting.  Later this week Dad will be killing a sheep as well so having had to get rid of all our food before moving and start from scratch again it is nice to know we will have home grown meat and vegetables to reduce our food bill as we look to build up our pantry staples again.

Lacto fermented gherkins
I am hoping to catch up on some blog reading this week but we will see as I keep thinking I will and other things take priority.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Quality Time And Saying Goodbye

Happy New Year to you all I hope everyone is safe and well rested after the festive season.

For us the time has come.  In 10 days time we will be in New Zealand and starting the next chapter of our lives.  The past month has been busy with us introducing Kingsley to the special people in our lives and saying goodbye.  It has been exhausting with some days seeing us visiting one lot of people in the morning and another in the afternoon. Kingsley has been cuddled and kissed and loved everywhere we go as well as showered in gifts, he is a very lucky and blessed little boy.

So far all is going well and he is a happy little boy most of the time, except when he has wind which seems to be too often for my liking and I will have to look at what I am eating to see if that helps, perhaps he is just a gassy baby.

He is now 3 months old and developing well and there even look like there are some teeth appearing, sigh... too soon I say.

Anyway here are some photos of the last month.

Our happy little boy:

Family Selfie:

Hanging out with friends one last time in Australia,  These two travel to NZ frequently so we will see them again soon.

Sharing cuddles

Surrogate grandparents:

More cuddles:

Farmer Liz having a cuddle:

Farmer Pete is a natural:

Everyone loves the new baby smell:

Having his first swim, I can't say he loved it but he was a bit tired and hungry:

His cousin and Aunty helping him open presents on Christmas Day:

Wearing his new hat with his Aunty:

All the family on Christmas day:

Mummy cuddles at Christmas:

Hubby's cousins having cuddles on Boxing Day:

More Aunty cuddles:

Happy baby:

Having a laugh with Grandma:

My best friend (deceased) parents who will be another set of grandparents and are already spoiling him.

My best friend (deceased) son who is now all grown up.

I a not sure if I will be back in this space before we jump on the plane next week but I will be back.  We will be documenting our journey in New Zealand and you are all invited to come along for the ride.  At this stage it looks like we may not be building our new house this summer and while this is a bit of a disappointment for us it does mean we now have time to hunt for some bargains, take more time to make decisions, do more tree planting on our farm, and get to know how our land behaves over a period of months not just the week or so we are there each year.

Hopefully I will also find a few moments to check in with each of you and see what you have been up to. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Poor Jessie

So Jessie had a little accident and managed to tear the outside of her entire claw off exposing the quick below with all the nerve endings in it.

We took her to the vet as she would not even walk on that foot so we knew it was not good.  It turns out that it was better that she tore the whole thing off as if only part had been torn off they would have had to put her under anesthetic to remove the rest of it.

It is all bandaged up and will stay that way for a few days and she also had to take pain killers and antibiotics.  The vet did send us home with a cone for here to wear to stop her trying to chew the bandage off but we took it off as she was not worried about the bandage at all.

It will take up to 2 months for the claw to grow back and for this week at least we need to keep her calm and quite with restricted movement (haha the vet must be joking right, she is a kelpie) but so far so good.

We will take the bandage off in a few days and hopefully not get nipped in the process.  Only then will we know if she if comfortable enough to go walking, there might just be lots of swimming in the meantime.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Eight Weeks Into My Motherhood Journey

It has now been just over 8 weeks since Kingsley arrived in our lives and while the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy dragged these past weeks have flown by.  There has been a lot going on though not just with adapting to motherhood and parenting but as we are living out of  suitcases with family we are adjusting to that new dynamic and there is a lot going on in relation to our move to New Zealand including trying to see everyone before we move.

Mum, Hubby, Kingsley and I (Jessie in the background)

Hubby's parents, his brother, my sister in law and their son and Hubby and I
Midway through packing by the movers
Here are a few of the things I have ticked off the list in the last few weeks.

Had my mum here from New Zealand for the first week after Kingsley was born
Supervised the international movers packing all of our belongings
Cleaned and moved out of our rental
Relocated to live with family out of suitcases
I had to get Kingsley a passport, do you know how hard it is to get a passport style photo of a 3 week old baby (looking straight at the camera, head straight, awake not crying or frowning) it took 12 shots before we got one that was usable.
Hubby and I both had to renew our passports
Kingsley had to be added to our flight
Travel insurance purchased (couldn't do it till he was born)
Advertised my car for sale
Ordered new bank and credit cards to extend their expiry dates (it costs a bit to have them sent overseas)
Kingsley's 6 week vaccinations and my check up
Accommodation booked for my brothers wedding in February
Organising Jessie's vet checks before she moves with us
Planning for Christmas
Sending Christmas cards
Trying to see everyone before we leave
Meeting with a couple of ladies from work who also have babies in an impromptu mothers group. Because we are leaving I have not joined one of my own (I need every minute with existing friends)
Getting Kingsley's hearing check done (all good)
Working on our new house build

I also took the little guy on his first road trip from Brisbane up to Tin Can Bay ( 2.5 hrs north) and then to Maaroom (a further 45 mins north of Tin Can Bay),  We had 4 nights away and thankfully I was staying with good friends so I was not under too much self imposed pressure to keep him quiet and not disturb the rest of the house.

Kingsley with good friends of ours who we used to live near when we had our farm 

This is Kingsley's surrogate Nanna (my best friend who passed away's Mum)

Love this photo

With Kingsleys surrogate Nanna  and Grandad (my best friend who passed away's Mum and Dad and Max the dog)

Kingsley and his cousin in matching outfits (not arranged)

Kingsley and Grandma (Hubby's mum)

Kingsley's cousin reading him a story
It has been a busy few weeks during which time we have relocated all our remaining belongings 3 times (from our rental to Hubbys parents then to Hubby's brothers house, then back to his parents. Next move will be to New Zealand on Jan 12, the count down is on.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Baby Post

A big thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post I have not had time to reply as we are mid packing and moving out of the old house and life is just a little busy.  But I thought I would share these with you.
We were very lucky to have the lovely Kathy from Our Simple and Meaningful Life come to the hospital the day after Kingsley arrived and take some photos for us of those first precious moments of our new little family.

These are just a few of the amazing shots she took.